♥ Why can’t I get free samples of envelopes and liners? ♥

This is unfortunately a measure we have had to put into place due to an unscrupulous few ordering free samples for personal use with no intention of ordering a full set. Sadly we have to charge for them since they take time to lovingly make.


♥ Does the pocketfold/wallet cost include the infocards and RSVPs? ♥

No. Since every couple’s requirements are different, the infocards are priced as £1.25 for single sided and £1.50 for double sided. The same for RSVPs. If you’d like an individual quote please get in touch!


♥ How long do samples take? ♥

This varies depending on how busy we are in the studio. We aim to get samples sent within ten days of receiving the request!


♥ What about types of invites? ♥

Most people have one or two types of invite for day and evening guests, changing the wording on the second type to accommodate the details of your evening reception. You can have just one type or ten, it depends on your wedding but your certainly fine with two! There is no extra cost for types of invite or menu.


♥ What can I use to make the outside of my invite personalised? ♥

We have lots of options for adding colour and stylish additions to the outside of your invite or binding things together. Check out our Finishing Touches page.

♥ What is the generic Save the Date wording? ♥

“Please save the date. (Bride) & (Groom) are getting married.
Formal invitation to follow.”
You can change this to suit your tastes and wedding day!


♥ Can Olive print on envelopes? ♥

Yes! We supply envelopes printed on the highest quality FSC 135gsm paper – We would not recommend printing on darker colours so try our envelope wrap labels if you need an addressing solution for dark envelopes. See Envelopes Explained for more information.


♥ What’s the difference between a single or double sided RSVP and an RSVP postcard? ♥

Visit the RSVPs Explained page to find out about all the RSVP types.


♥ Can I supply my own original wording for invitations? ♥

Yes, of course!


♥ When is payment due? ♥

If you are not ordering and paying online, payment in full is requested just after you sign off your digital proofs, in order to cover the cost of materials and delivery.


♥ Is a deposit payable? ♥

In certain circumstances, a deposit will be payable, if any discount has been offered for ordering a large amount. If you are not ordering and paying online, payment in full is requested just after you sign off your digital proofs, in order to cover the cost of materials and delivery. If order exceeds £400 a 50% deposit may be requested. 50% deposits are needed to begin work on a bespoke project. Deposits are payable in advance of designing any illustrated stationery.


♥ Can I change aspects of the design? Swap items? ♥

Yes, If you like the layout of one design but the font of another, for example, please enquire and amendments can be made to suit this. Check each motif page to see it applied to each format. These can be tweaked too!


♥ Can pocketfold invitations go straight in the post? ♥

It is recommended that you place pocket invitations in an envelope to ensure it is not damaged, opened or the visual impact depleted by an address. Visit theEnvelopes Explained to purchase yours.


♥ Are discounts available for large orders? ♥

Yes. Enquire as to whether your order is large enough to warrant a discount. As a guide we do not offer discounts on orders under £400. However, discounts can quite often be offered if all stationery is paid for on the first invoice. Information for later orders can be supplied at a later time.


♥ What information should I provide my guests with? ♥

Please visit our Information Cards Explained page to find out all the details!



♥ How do i place an order? ♥

Please see the Order Stationery page for all the information you’ll need!

♥ Roughly how many words fit on 1 side of an info card? ♥

Since info cards vary in size depending on the format, this is just a guide but you can fit roughly 150 words on one side of a normal sized info card. This is based on normal paragraph text and an A6 or 120mm square information card.


♥ How many pages can be fitted in an order of service? ♥

The option to purchase up to eight pages (Two folded sheets of A4) is available. Additional pages are charged at 25p per set of four and you can fit up to 18 pages into an order of service.


♥ Does Olive provide personalised silver/gold foiling? ♥

Yes, for an additional charge, please enquire if you wish to have your personalised invitations foiled. Lead times will increase as a result of having a foil.


♥ How shall I provide my guest, menu, table plan details etc? ♥

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, text documents or just on an email.


♥ Can I have my guest’s names printed onto my invitations? ♥

Yes, however this is charged at an additional 30p per invite.


♥ Are place name cards printed with my guest names?

Yes, as standard.


♥ Can I change what’s on the front of the wedding invitations (to names)? ♥

Yes. Each job is custom printed, especially for you, so you can have any wording you like.



♥ Can I have my invitations or stationery in another language or biligually? ♥

Yes Full translations must be provided and proofed by yourselves.


♥ Can I change the colours of ribbon/detail? ♥

Yes. Details of what colour options are available for which print, card, paper and ribbon are available on each motif page. You can alternatively use our Colour Matching Service.


♥ Can I ask for more than one type of sample? ♥

Yes. However there is a limit of ten on how many free samples you can have, unless you have had prior contact with Olive Weddings.


♥ Is there anything I can do to speed up the lead time? ♥

Yes. If you pay in advance your card can be ordered before sign off. Provide required quantities, card types and colours as early as possible. This allows Olive to order in what they need in advance of the wording being agreed and proofs checked, meaning once the designs are signed off, the hand-making process can begin immediately. You can pay a rush charge of £50 to have your stationery made top priorty, this allows us to pay for expedited postage from our suppliers and work outside of normal hours to get them sorted for you.


♥ What is the usual lead time on a set of stationery? ♥

Once we have received your order, we aim to get PDF proofs to you within three days. Once approved, your finished stationery will be delivered in two weeks, on average. You can pay a rush charge of £50 to have your stationery made top priorty, this allows us to pay for expedited postage from our suppliers and work outside of normal hours to get them sorted for you. These time-scales are from when payment is received. Every effort is made to get orders processed and sent as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, these timings may change due to circumstances beyond our control, but we will always keep you updated on your order. Lead times also vary depending on the time of year. We are busy all year round but Mid November to May are particularly busy with orders for spring weddings so please be sure to allow enough time for your order from sign off/payment to delivery. Please note, lead times on more simple invitations such as those in the Contemporary Range will be shorter than invites with more finishing involved (pockets and wallets).


♥ Are envelopes included in the cost? ♥

Envelopes are not included in the cost of the invitations, RSVPs or Save the Date cards.


I had an email saying my samples were despatched but I haven’t had them. What should I do? ♥

Samples are sent second class by Royal Mail. Please allow 7 working days from your despatch email to receive them. If they have not arrived after this time, please email us quoting your free sample order reference and we will send a replacement batch. Please avoid reordering the samples since they may be seen as duplicates and discarded.


♥ How long do I have to wait for samples? ♥

We aim to get samples out within 10 days of your sample request. Samples are prepared once a week on the same day so if you order several small sets of samples and get some quicker than others it may be that you ordered a set just before a sample day! Occassionally it takes longer to get samples out, if a card colour, type or size needs to be restocked.