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Top Trending Wedding Invitations For 2019

A wedding invitation isn’t just used to formally invite guests to your big day, but will also help to set the tone for what is to come. Through the look and feel of your wedding invitations, you provide a snapshot of what your guests can expect from your wedding.

As wedding stationery specialist, I like to keep a close eye on colours, textures and styles that will carry over from the world of design to the world of nuptials! Fortunately 2019 has some gorgeously versatile trends, this means you will have a large selection of different styles of wedding invitations to choose from.

I certainly understand that choosing the style of your wedding invites can be a daunting task when there is a such a selection available. With that in mind, I want to share some of the top trends for 2019 in hopes that they will give you some inspiration. 

Watercolour Wedding Invitations

This classic technique has become increasingly popular in the last year and I can see why. Watercolour on wedding stationery effortlessly creates a idyllic and romantic style. From simple washes to match your colour scheme, to a depiction of your wedding location, watercolour design has endless possibilities. You might also wish to have a specific location on painted onto your bespoke wedding invitations such as the venue, your first date spot or proposal location. It’s a lovely way to share your love story with your guests.

Minimalist Style Wedding Invitations

Simple and sophisticated, I find the minimalist wedding invitation style quietly beautiful. Rather than any excess colour or frills and fuss, these affordable wedding invitations rely on modern calligraphy and beautiful typographic styling instead.  This style of invitation present the essential information to your guests in a classic and understatedly elegant tone. 

Personalised Illustrated Couple Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is all about you, so why shouldn’t the same be said for your bespoke wedding invitations? Thesecharacter illustrations with the addition of hair colour or accessories, these personalised couple designs are as fun as they are cute. Best of all, I know they’re a sure way to get your guests excited about the big day, but don’t give too much away about the dress!

Prices start at £70.00 for this seriously personalised style. Just provide me with an image of you together that they will then use as a reference for designing your very own characters.

A gorgeous bespoke wreath using olive branches and blush roses and peonies


Monogram Designed Wedding Invitations

A monogram sees your initials intertwined; it’s simple and perfectly poetic, since your wedding day will see you come together for the rest of your lives. From clean and contemporary to classical and intricate, a monogram offers a great number of fonts and styles that can be picked from to suit your wedding.  

If this style of invitation is good for the likes of Harry and Meghan, then it is certainly good enough for you to present to your guests. You’re in for a right royal wedding, indeed.


Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

These days shimmer and shine is proving very popular especially as gold foil now comes in a wide array of different shades.  This provides you with a very simple but elegant way to dress up your invitations whilst also making a statement.

I hope that by introducing these styles, you might have a little more direction when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations. For more information on the bespoke and affordable wedding invitations available at Olive Weddings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can call on 07737 361168 and speak to us further about your wedding stationery requirements.

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