Wedding Menu choice cards – a handy guide!

Most RSVPs are for all guests invited so how do you go about this if you’re offering menu options? It’s really useful to know how to word this to avoid confusion and make life easier for you and your caterers. My handy guide is here to help by outlining the options available for RSVP cards with meal options.


There are several options but you should never need to have a card per guest, this will make it over complicated and expensive as well as resulting in very bulky invite sets!

OPTION 1 – Offer a line for guest initials on your RSVP card menu options

This is the simplest and cost effective way to get your guest’s menu choices. A double sided RSVP with one side for accept/decline and the guest’s names and then a second side detailing the wedding menu options for each course, and a line for each guest’s initials next to each menu choice. The picture of my Scribe RSVP below illustrates this option beautifully!


OPTION 2 – A menu card and a simple RSVP card

If you provide an information card with a detailed wedding menu choice list, you can then provide a smaller, more simple RSVP – also affording the use of dinky little icons, a popular choice for wedding menus. See below pictured in my Tandem design.

Don’t forget you can carry the menu choices guests make to your place name cards to make it easier for catering staff to identify where plates need to be and quickly identify any special dietary requirements.
Most importantly don’t worry about breaking with tradition and letting your menu and wedding menu choices reflect you as a couple. There’s a big difference between offering something for everyone and pleasing everyone. Mainly because the latter is simply impossible.
I can help with the wording of any tricky or unusual requests so please just ask if you need some help!

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